Rodent Control in Longview, TX

Finding rodents in your house is not just creepy and gross. It also puts your home at risk.

Rats can chew through wood beams, plastic pipes, copper wires, and more. If you have a rodent problem, you need a professional to help you deal with the job.

Have you:

If so, you might have a mouse or rat problem. Mele Pest Control of Longview can help.

You may have heard that mice breed fast. An average female can give birth to about 5 litters of mouse pups in an 8 month span. Each litter a mouse has typically ranges from 4-12 pups. So if you don’t get your mouse problem under control fast, a mice infestation will be unavoidable.

Fortunately, Mele Pest Control has a fix and it's 100% effective for ridding your home of rats and mice plus safe for your children and pets.

Mouse Infestation in Home, Longview, TX


Rodent Extermination Services

Starts at $250

2nd & 3rd Service Trip

$0 - included in the price

Here’s How It Works

Our mouse and rat exterminators provide three rounds of treatment. Here’s what we do each time we treat your home.

1. Set Bait Boxes
The first time one of our exterminators come to your home, we will set locked boxes with rat poison around your property. The rodents eat the bait and quickly die. These bait boxes are inaccessible to your children and animals, making it completely safe for your family.

Additionally, we locate all possible entry points where rodents may be accessing your home.

We’ll show you where the rodents are entering your home so you can ensure rodent exclusion.

2. Follow Up Treatment
We’ll come to your home again after 3 weeks and check the bait boxes.

If the bait boxes are untouched, we will move them to a different location. If they are empty, we’ll refill them free of charge.

3. Final Treatment
We return to your home to check bait boxes 3 weeks after the second treatment. By this time, all mice should be gone.

We’ll check the bait boxes and inspect your home to make sure no more rodents can enter.

Mouse in Longview, Texas house

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