Bed Bug Control in Longview, TX

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed solely on blood. Bed bugs hide in houses, hotel rooms, and the like. They come out at night after you fall asleep and take a blood meal directly from their host — you!

Here are a few of the common signs of bed bugs.

Do you wake up in the morning to find:

If so, you may have bed bugs in your bed.

Many of our customers feel defeated and frustrated after trying multiple home remedies with no success. That’s because home treatment doesn’t get rid of the tiny eggs, which is the most important part of ending the infestation.

If you’ve tried everything, and have not seen results, Mele Pest Control of Longview, TX can help. We offer a proven bed bug removal extermination with a 100% success rate.


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The Scariest Bed Bug Statistics You Need To Know

Have you had an exterminator treat your home for bed bugs only to get infested again in a month or two? Here’s why.

An egg takes 10 days to hatch. So if an exterminator kills all of the bed bugs in your home but misses a single egg, the infestation process can start over quickly.

A single female bed bug can lay up to 3 or 4 eggs per day. So if your bed bug exterminator misses just one egg, you could have up to 300 bed bugs in your home again within three months.

Mele Pest Control Can End Your Bed Bug Problem For Good

Thorough Bed Bug Inspection
Before we treat your Longview, TX home for bed bugs, we need to make sure that’s actually the problem you have. 84% of customers who think they have bed bugs actually have a different bug issue such as fleas or cockroaches.

Our inspection is very thorough. We’ll examine all target areas where bed bugs are commonly found, including your mattress and box spring, bed liners, cracks and crevices in the walls, and more. Sometimes bed bugs are also found in wall and floor crevices. So we have special tools to find them there.

First Bed Bug Removal Treatment
Because of how quickly bed bugs can spread and re-infest your home, we always do at least two treatments, and sometimes three.

We don’t just kill the existing bed bugs. We use a vacuum with HEPA filters to remove all single live bed bugs and unhatched eggs.

To ensure that we haven’t missed any eggs, we spend time taking your bed and furniture apart so that we can catch all of them.

We use specialized steam cleaners with heat treatment that can get as hot as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This incinerates the live bed bugs while removing the bugs and eggs alike.

Bed bug extermintor, Longview, TX

Second Bed Bug Removal Treatment
We’ll schedule a follow up treatment 3-4 weeks after the first one. At least two treatments are typically required because there are almost always hidden eggs. A bedbug egg is the size of a grain of salt, so it’s easy to miss a couple even when being thorough.

Third Bed Bug Treatment - If Necessary
We will follow up with you after the second treatment and inspect your home to see if a third treatment is necessary. If so, we will execute an additional treatment at no charge. Our goal is to not only get rid of the bed bugs in your house, but prevent more bed bugs from spreading.

Enjoy A Good Night’s Rest With Peace Of Mind
No one should be afraid of going to bed or waking up with bites in the morning. That’s why Mele Pest Control of Longview works hard to give the most thorough bed bug extermination. There's a 90 day warranty so if we need to retreat, the cost will come out of our pocket, not yours.

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