Mosquito Control in Longview, TX

It’s summertime. The sun is out, the pool is ready, and the kids want to play outdoors. You take your children outback to swim or toss a frisbee and within 15 minutes you start itching all over because the mosquitos are biting. You deserve to enjoy your beautiful yard without mosquito bites ruining your fun.

If you live in Henderson or Longview and you’ve got mosquitos in your yard, there is hope. Mele Pest Control based in Henderson TX can help you get your yard back and let you enjoy your property all summer long. We offer effective mosquito extermination in Longview, TX as well as Henderson.

Most importantly, our mosquito control techniques use zero pesticides and are very eco-friendly. That means it’s safe for your family and the environment.



$160 for 2 units

Monthly Maintenance

$45/mo per unit

Mosquito Elimination, Longview, Texas

Here’s How It Works

We use the latest technology called In2Care for mosquito control. In2Care began several years ago to solve the problem of widespread malaria and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in African countries.

The products have become so effective in reducing mosquito populations that we’ve started using them for our residential customers in Longview, TX.

1. In2Care Trap Installation
We’ll install at least two In2Care traps on your property. Mosquitoes are attracted to the water in the In2Care trap, which is their ideal place to lay eggs. While resting on the gauze in the trap, the mosquito becomes contaminated with two actives.

One active slowly kills the mosquito over a period of several days. The other kills all the mosquito eggs she lays, preventing them from ever reaching maturity and taking over your yard.

In the meantime, the mosquito spreads the poison to other common mosquito breeding sites until finally, the mosquito dies as well. Within about a week, you’ll have virtually no more mosquitoes on your property.

2. We’ll Maintain Your Trap Monthly
Each month we’ll come to your home and service the In2Care unit and change the gauze.

3. Enjoy Your Mosquito-Free Backyard Again
It’s hard to imagine playing outside in East Texas without being eaten alive, but it is possible.

Call us today to schedule mosquito control services in Henderson or Longview.

Mosquito Extermination Specialists, Longview, TX